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category: Other
RAM: 32
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 200
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 28 Oct 1999
Time: 11:30:54


Does HTML only work on web pages? I use Netscape Messenger (4.61) for e-mail.  I have been trying to learn HTML and the only way I have to check my work is to send myself an e-mail. When I do this the response is not what is expected. The following is copied exactly from an instruction on HTML. I want<FONT COLOR="red">RED!</FONT> I would expect the word "red" and the exclamation point to be colored red. No so. This is only one example of many I have tried. Do you have an answer? Thank You.


The Answer

You use HTML and view it the way you are wanting to you need to view it with a application that can read and interpret HTML.  You web browser is such an application.  If you are just starting to learn HTML try using Notepad for your Exercises from your boot.

For example:

Open up Notepad (which is included with windows).  Go to the start button and select the Run option.  Type in "notepad" and click ok.  Now type this in:

<title>My first web page</title>
<p><FONT COLOR="red">RED!</FONT><p>

Now go to the 'File' menu and select 'Save as'.  Under the 'Save as Type' change it to 'All Files (*.*)'.  Type in 'firstpage.html' as the file name and save it in a place you will remember.  Now open Netscape Navigator.  Click the 'File' menu item and select 'Open Page'.  Now click the 'Choose File' button and go to the directory you saved your firstpage.html file and open it.  This is the result you were looking for.

You will only see the desired result of a HTML document if you open it up with a application that can interpret the HTML code like Netscape Navigator.


Problem Status: Not fixed, need more help
Date: 11/01/99
Time: 09:24 AM


Your answer provided the type of html response that I expected and this is encouraging.  What I should have emphasized in my first mail is the relationship between a URL or a file location and a "link." For example:

<a href="URL">enclosed text</a> 

When I send something like the above, I expect to see the "enclosed text" alone as a link(?). Instead what I am seeing on the returned e-mail is the complete line of text. I'm sorry if my first message was not clearer. Do you have an answer, Thank you.


I know what is happening with your emails now.  If you are composing your emails with the HTML formatting  editor in Netscape mail enabled.  The Netscape email program is negating your HTML code so it stays text. 

So you type in:

<a href="URL">enclosed text</a>

and the code acutally reads

<p>&lt;a href=&quot;URL&quot;&gt;enclosed text&lt;/a&gt;</font>&nbsp;</p>

So the email program is entering in tags so that your code is visible as all text.  Here is how to type in the code manually.  First we will need to verify your settings.  Open the Netscape email program.  Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.  Under Mail and News groups select the Formatting option.    Under the Message Formatting section make sure the  Use HTML editor to compose messages is selected and click OK.  Now start a new message.  In the new message box that you just started select the Tools menu -> HTML tools -> Edit HTML Source.  This will let you place the HTML tags manually into your messages.  Send the message to yourself.


Problem Status: Not fixed, need more help
Date: 11/03/99
Time: 08:21 AM

The results are still the same as in my previous messages. I followed your advice in your previous message and typed the following: Would you like to visit (A HREF="") Prodigy's Personal Web Page site? (/A) I have purposely changed the angles to parentheses only for this message.

I tried this message five times and all were returned with the entire text printed and the URL underlined and printed in link color. This was a working link. What I was expecting if the system performed was: Would you like to visit Prodigy's Personal Web Pages site?, where the last five words would be a link relating to the URL.

The five attempts referred to above has to do with the choices given at Edit/Preferences/Mail/Formatting/ to the choices of: Ask me--Plain Text only--HTML Text only--Plain Text and HTML. These choices are also given under Options on the tool bar of the composition screen. I know this approach works when installed as part of a web page and I don't know why it doesn't work as part of an e-mail. Thank you for your patience.


We have reproduced your example with Netscape Messenger 4.61 and it works for us successfully.  The only other input we can offer to you is to double check your HTML coding.  Make sure you are entering everything in correctly.  After you send a email to yourself you can open it up and select View on the tool bar and select Page Source.  This will show you the HTML code of the message and so you can double check your work.


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