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category: Other
RAM: what's that?
Processor: Pentium
MHz: don't know
Operating System: Windows 98
Date: 30 Oct 1999
Time: 06:24:56


I need more area than my mouse pad to get to the place on the screen I need to point at. How do I set my mouse to move less but cover more area?

The Answer

You need to get into the control panel to adjust the mouse settings.  So click the Start button -> Settings -> Control Panel.  Now double click on the Mouse icon.  Click on the Motion tab.  There is a slider bar that you can move from slow to fast.  Move yours toward the fast side to speed up you mouse on the screen.

Here is a few facts that may help you in the future:

RAM:  This is the amount of memory that your computer has.  So when someone says how much memory does your computer have they really mean how much RAM does you computer have.  The computer loads data and program instructions into memory so you can access it faster.

MHz:  The true definition may not interest you but it stands for Megahertz.  It is a unit of measure of how fast your processor is.  You may hear it referred to as 'clock speed'  also.  To if you have a computer that has a Pentium 333 processor inside of it.  The MHz is 333.  The MHz always accompanies the processor name. 


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