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category: Software
RAM: 8
Processor: Other
MHz: 90
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 20 Oct 1999
Time: 21:34:18


I just purchased a Compaq LTE 5100 notebook with win 3.1 on it. I'm trying to upgrade to Win 95, but I'm having a problem. Both the floppy drive and CD Rom drive share one port. When I try to load in the floppy Win 95 boot disk, the computer doesn't recognize that there is a CD Rom there (because the floppy is plugged in). If I put the CD Rom in at that point, it hasn't finished installing the boot from the A drive, so I get more errors. Please help, this is getting very frustrating.

The Answer

There are a few ways to approach this dilemma.  First we need to know if you have the upgrade version of Windows 95 or the full version and if you need to save the data on the hard drive.

You can get around this problem a few ways.

1.  If you are willing to lose all the data on the hard drive you can boot with the Win 95 boot disk.  Reformat the hard drive.  Transfer the system files to the hard drive.  Make the modifications to the startup files to execute your CD ROM drivers.  Finally, place the CD ROM drive into the bay with the CD and reboot the computer.  Change to the CD ROM drive letter the type setup.

2.  You could get/borrow a external CD ROM drive that connects to the laptop via serial port.  Then you would boot with the Win 95 boot disk.  Exit to command prompt.  Run the external CD ROM support drivers then run setup off the CD.


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