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category: Software
RAM: 64
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 233
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 07 Oct 1999
Time: 10:53:16


Recently downloaded a McAffee told me I had a virus in wsock32.dll file. I deleted it as cleanup or rename did not work.  I also recently installed a second Internet (MSN) provider, other is Prodigy. Both were working fine till the file I deleted.  Have re-installed Prodigy, MSN, Windows 95 system to no avail. When attempting to access Prodigy I get: Error code 2201: Access Ramp Initialization failed.  Trying to access MSN seems to work partially then says: "This page cannot be displayed" options listed produce any further results.  Prodigy techs cannot locate the trouble, nor could MSN techs. Can you suggest something before I take to computer repair store?

Thank You!

The Answer

The wsock32.dll file that was deleted is a file that is needed for your dial up connection.  Your going to need to get this file back.  First, we'll make sure you have the most recent dial up networking.  Don't run it yet, but keep it handy, we will use it later.  Next, uninstall MSN and Prodigy.  Now, open the Control Panel and double click the Network Icon.  The Box under where it says: "The following Networking components are installed", highlight each component that is in the box and click the Remove button.  So when you are done, you should have no networking components installed.  Click the OK button and it should ask you to reboot the computer.  If it doesn't ask you, reboot the computer anyway.  Now, double click on the dial up networking file that you previously downloaded.  This will install the latest dial up networking into Windows 95 and replace the wsock32.dll that you lost.  Last reinstall MSN and Prodigy and you should be fixed.  While you are downloading files for Windows 95 you may also want to download the Y2K patch which is available on our home page.


Problem Status: Fixed
Date: 10/19/99
Time: 12:34 PM


Can't figure how to download the new 'dial up networking' file since I can't get on the internet with my home computer. I am using a computer at our public library for this message.  Can I download to a disc from a neighbors computer and install in mine?  Thank you for your help!


Yes, the file you are trying to download will fit on a 1.44MB floppy disk.  The file is approximately 305KB.  Put it on a disk, copy it to your computer and run it.


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