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category: Hardware
RAM: 32
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 233
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 21 Oct 1999
Time: 19:22:11


After I type text in Word and them I print it out, the text has dotted lines behind it, the bigger the text, the more dotted lines there are. It could be my printer, Epson Stylus 500, we had a lightning storm and this started right after, I did have surge protection. I can print my same text out on another printer and another location and it is okay. Could I have corrupted by printer cable from the storm? I have done troubleshooting on printer and nothing has changed. I have also reinstalled by print driver. The background lines are only where you type text and they are evenly spaced, they are almost like a grid line, but that feature is off. Hope you can help, thanks Ruth

The Answer

Sounds like you have done a pretty good job of troubleshooting so far.  Just be sure, as always, you are using the latest printer driver from Epson.  This sounds like your print head is damaged.  The print head is what controls the ink that is sprayed on the paper.  I'm not exactly sure of your printers configuration.  It may have an independent print head or one that is integrated in the ink cartridge.  Never the less, try a new ink cartridge in the printer and replace the print head if it is independent of the ink cartridge.

So you should:

1. Make sure you have the most update printer drivers.  Check the Epson web site.

2.  If you have access to another printer cable, swap it out with yours to verify it isn't the cable.

3.  Try a different ink cartridge and print head.  Many times when these go bad they don't print everything or leak ink.


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