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category: Software
RAM: 128
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 350
Operating System: Windows 98
Date: 17 Oct 1999
Time: 23:41:08


When I right-click on my desktop to change the desktop image, there is no "stretch" next to "tile" and "center". Now, when I select "center" it does what the "stretch" use to do....what happened to the "stretch"? I just went to change my desktop image one day and it was gone....Thanks...

The Answer

There could be a number of things that could be causing this.  You could be trying to stretch a background that doesn't need to be stretched so the option is blanked out.  You may have 'Microsoft Plus' installed.  There has been some minor bugs reported when you install Microsoft Plus on Windows 98.  You may have used a program to tweak Windows 98 like one of the Microsoft power tools.  Some of these tools can cause minor bugs like you are experiencing.  You may have Internet Explorers Active Desktop installed which could be causing the problem.  Unfortunately this problem does not have an obvious answer.  If you could supply us with additional information about:  what you programs have installed on your PC, what programs you have installed since you know it was working, or if you have done anything to instigate the problem, we could better diagnose the problem and assist you.

Be sure and double check this problem after you have rebooted your machine.  Right click on the desk top, click properties, choose the background tab.  Try each wallpaper to see if you get the same problem with each.


Problem Status: Not fixed, need more help
Date: 10/19/99
Time: 05:11 PM


I have tried to use the stretch feature with every background, but it does not show up...I haven't installed any of the software that u mentioned. Could u tell me which files to restore from my cab files to get the restore the desktop properties files? that would be great...but if u can't help, thanks anyways!

Answer 2

I would recommend exploring Window's .cab files only as a last resort if at all.  Windows 98 has a built in feature that checks all the Windows system files for corruption and if it finds any, it will prompt you to restore them.  This is what you are going to want to run to fix your problem.  The program is called the System File Checker.  It is located under Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Information.  After you run the System Information program, select the tools menu and select the System File Checker Option.  You can refer to this document for some additional information.


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