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category: Hardware
RAM: 24
Processor: 486
MHz: ??
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 11 Oct 1999
Time: 21:36:36


I recently formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows 95. After doing so, everything turned out fine except for the sound card. I have downloaded and installed the drivers from the Packard Bell website but they just say that there is an error with the drivers or the card is not connected. What should I do? I am not exactly sure which card it is because the people on the Packard Bell website weren't very reliable. The card might be a "Washington chipset" but I am not sure. The computer is an old Packard Bell Force 482. Please Help! Thank you very much!

The Answer

You may be out of luck with your sound card but we will offer a few ideas.  The sound card they put in those machines weren't the best and can be very trick to get working with Windows 95.  First try all the drivers from Packard Bell on your PC that you think might be for that card.  I think the Aztech chipset was popular in those PC.  Be careful though, their drivers have a reputation for causing Windows 95 to crash or misbehave.

In fact, if you haven't already tried them all, wait and do this first.  Set up your new sound card in Windows 95 as a Creative Sound Blaster or Compatible.   This will probably be your safest shot compared to messing with those drivers from Packard Bell.  You will probably have to try different settings for the device until you get it to work.  You probably wont get loud sound out of the card so you will need to get some speakers with an amplifier.

Beyond this, the only thing left is to load the drivers in DOS before Windows 95 starts and try to get Windows to recognize it.


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