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category: Software
RAM: 64
Operating System: Windows 95 
Date: 11 Oct 1999
Time: 07:42:10


I have a fmnot.exe error when I startup. What is this and how do I fix?



The Answer

Did you notice when this error first started occurring?  It probably started after a program was installed.  The more information you can give us about a problem the better.   It is difficult to diagnose this problem with the limited information but we'll give you something to try.  This program may be getting execute from the start up folder, and if it is we can remove it thus ending your problem.

To check what programs get started when Windows 95 starts:  Right click on the Start Button (in the lower left hand corner of the Windows 95 desk top) and when the menu pops up select Open.  A box will appear with 'Programs' being one of the Icons.  Double click on Programs.  Now find the 'Start up' folder and double click on it.  Contained in this folder is all the programs that start when Windows 95 starts.  To find out if fmnot.exe is one of them, right click on one of the icons and select properties.  In the box that is labeled target shows you the program name that is run.  If its not the fmnot.exe use the same procedure with the other icons in your start up folder.  If it is the fmnot.exe program: close the properties window, right click on the icon you determined to be fmnot.exe and select 'cut'.  Place your mouse on a blank are of the Windows 95 desktop, right click the mouse and select paste.  This removed that icon from the startup menu to you desktop.  Restart the computer and see if it fixes the problem.  Later you can delete the icon off your desk top.


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