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category: Other
RAM: 386
Processor: 486
MHz: 100?
Operating System: Windows 95
Date:  24 Oct 1999
Time: 23:04:34


i try to view a video from the net and it says i can't do so because i don't have note pad any longer i looked through my files and sure enough i don't ..i went from the microsoft internet to do i download or find note pad again or what could the problem be that i can't view a video any longer thanks for your help


The Answer

A way to test if the Notepad program is truly gone: go to the Start button and select Run.  Type "notepad" in the box and click OK.  If Notepad comes up you still have it.  If not you will have to extract it out of a CAB file from the Windows 95 CD.  Although, this more sounds like a association problem.  Your video associations in Windows 95 may have gotten some how instructed to use the notepad.  You should go to the Netscape web site and download the browser plugins that will allow you to view the video.   The plugins you get are determined by what format of video you are trying to view.  You may also want to download and install QuickTime.  QuickTime will handle most of the video formats.


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