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category: Hardware
RAM: 28
Processor: Pentium
Operating System: Windows 98
Date: 28 Oct 1999
Time: 14:24:20


I can not get any sound on my computer. If I try to play some kind of sound it says " cannot play audio stream: no audio hardware is available, or the hardware is not responding"

The Answer

Sounds like a message from Microsoft Windows Media Player.  Could be that another program has control of the sound card or the sound card is not functioning.  Make sure you close any other applications that may be using your sound card.

You may have another piece of hardware that is conflicting with your sound card.  You can check this by opening the 'Control Panel' and selecting the 'System' icon.  Click on the 'Device Manager' tab.  Under the 'Sound, Video and Game controllers' heading it will list all of your installed devices.  If any have a red exclamation point in front of them, the device is disabled because it is conflicting with another device.   If this is the case you will have to open the device and change its settings to a resource that no other device is using.  Or you can open the device that the sound device is conflicting with and change its resources.  If you have just installed new hardware,  the new hardware may have taken the resources the sound card uses.

It could also be that the sound device drivers were not properly set up to begin with.  If the sound on your PC never worked this may be the case.  You will need to get the latest drivers for your sound card from you manufactures web site and run the Add/Remove Hardware program under the Control Panel.


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