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category: Hardware
RAM: 64
Processor: 486
MHz: 475
Operating System: Windows 98 
Date: 01 Oct 1999
Time: 16:34:29


Having failed several times to successfully install a flat bed scanner I was given the message 'A fatal exception 00 has occurred at 0028:C15BDCA8 in VXD PPSCAN (01) + 00005DD8. The current application will be terminated'. and 'Unable to write to disk in Drive C. Data & files may be lost'. The system still 'hangs' from time to time, and Scandisk only gets to 85% before it freezes also.

The Answer

I would definitely uninstall the drivers and software for the scanner first.  reboot the computer and press F8 when it says Starting Windows 98 (usually when you hear the first BEEP out of your computer).  Type CD\WINDOWS\COMMAND and press enter.  Then type SCANDISK and press enter.  This will run you through a full session of scandisk.  Next go to the hardware manufacturers web site that made your scanner.  Look for update drivers and software for your particular scanner.  This may be an issue that is on their web site and they may have a fix for you.

You should run system file checker since you have Windows 98. this is located in the System Information program.  It is found under the Start button->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Information.  Under the Tools menu run the System File Checker and the Registry Checker.  It will fix problems in the Registry and will check your system files for corruption.  Have your Windows 98 CD handy because if it finds any corrupt files you will need to put it in and point the program to the CD ROM drive.

If you use us again in the future, the more detail you give us the better.  For this problem for instance it would have been beneficial to us to know the brand of scanner you are installing.  What type of interface it uses with your PC.  I see you are using a 486.  You may want to verify the scanners minimum hardware requirements.  You PC may be too old for the scanner.  


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