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category: Other
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 166
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 29 Oct 1999
Time: 20:53:40


I can no longer open my clipart "The specified file format is invalid or not supported " this is the message I get. What can I do to repair this file. I am fairly new to computers. Thank you .

The Answer

We will need more information from you to get this problem fixed.  We will need to know what application you are using to  open your clipart.  What is the full name of the file that you are trying to open.  We need the file name and the extension.  So it may look like this. 


Try to open other clipart files to verify if it is just one file or it is all clip art files.  So is it just one clipart file that is giving you problems or is it all clipart file?  If it is just 1 file, and you were editing it you may have changed this files file extension to something that the application that is trying to open it does not understand.  If that is the case we will have to rename the file back to its original extension.  The file extension is the three letters in a file after the period.  Like in beach.bmp the file extension is .bmp.


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