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category: Software
RAM: 40
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 133
Operating System: Windows 98
Date:  26 Oct 1999
Time:  12:20:21


when i turn the computer on,just before windows 98 loads, the screen goes black and i get a message saying c:\progra~1\cyberm~2\cybern-vxd can you help me to get rid of this message. And when i close my computer down the message that says it is now safe to switch off your computer no longer appears

The Answer

The message you get on the boot up could either be a DOS command being executed from the autoexec.bat file or a error.  I will assume it's a DOS command.  If you want to stop it from executing.  Edit your c:\autoexec.bat file with Notepad.  You will see a statement similar to the message you are getting.  On the beginning of this line, place 'REM' and a space in front of it.  This will comment the line out and it will not be executed.  If it is not already there, insert the line 'echo off'  at the beginning of the file.  This will make DOS stop printing out what it is doing.

This may be the reason why your Windows 98 is not shutting down properly.  It is hanging up on something in the shut down process.  Try to comment out that line first and it may fix the shut down problem.  If it still happens, it is being caused by something else and we will have to look into it further.


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