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category: Software
RAM: 24
Processor: 486
MHz: 100
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 13 Oct 1999
Time: 17:42:32


I can not use my paste feature on any of my software. I have tried copying/cutting files text images and nothing works. Please Help. Thanks.

The Answer

This problem truly depends on the software and what it will allow you to do.  To test if this is a global problem  go to your click your Start button on your desk top (Lower left hand corner of the screen) and select Run on the menu.  Type in 'notepad' in the Open box and click OK.  Now Notepad should be running.  Type in a few sentences.  Now take your mouse and highlight the first sentence of what you just typed in.  While the line is still highlighted go up to the menu bar and select Edit.  Under the edit menu select Copy.  Now go back to your sentences you typed and move to the end of the text and press enter a few times to give yourself some space.  Now go to the menu bar again and select Edit and Paste.  You should see the line you highlighted.  If not, highlight the first sentence again and press the control key and the letter C (CTRL C)  now move to a blank area of the document and press the control key and the letter V (CTRL V).  This also should paste the line you highlighted.

If this is working the problem resides in application you are trying to cut and paste with.  We will need more information from you about the applications your are working with if this is the case.  You also should be running a good Anti Virus software that is up to date.  Viruses can cause problems like your are having.  You may want to download McAfee's VirusScan 4.0  and check your system.


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