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category: Other
RAM: 16
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 120
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 19 Oct 1999
Time: 08:37:56


I have a Toshiba 210CT laptop, and I need to get rid of the supervisor password to alter the hardware setup. I don't know the password as someone I use to know did it, and I can't afford to take it to a place to get it done, is there any way of removing the password myself. I am on a Computing degree, so I can take jargon if you want

Col, Cheers!

The Answer

One thing which you may already know is a Toshiba Authorized Service Providers can clear a Password if it has been forgotten.  Here is the phone number if you need it Phone - 1-949-583-3300 or 1-800-457-7777.  But most likely they will want to charge you or have you bring it in and you probably don't want to go through that hassle or expense.

There are ways to clear the CMOS settings. Many newer boards have a jumper just for clearing it. It should be documented in the manual if you happened to have it. You pull the jumper, then put it back and the CMOS setting will be reset, hopefully. When doing this, make sure the system is unplugged and the Laptop battery (the large one that runs the laptop when it is not plugged in) is removed so that all voltage to the motherboard is gone. Of course this means you will have to take apart the laptop which will be a real pain. The long way is to remove the system battery (the small watch battery). If yours is removable, take it out and wait a few hours, then come back, put it back in, and reboot. If your battery is not removable, then you may need to call the manufacturer for brand-specific procedures. 

If you happen to have an Award Power BIOS you can try the following password:

The password is: q_l27&z 
(NOTE:  'l' is not a 'one' but the letter 'l')


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