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category: Hardware
RAM: 128
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 400
Operating System: Windows 98
Date:  26 Oct 1999
Time: 10:47:25


I'm a beginner Network Administrator. I'm trying to allow a workstation to see two SEPARATE LANs. One LAN is financial and the higher ups in the company want it totally disconnected from the other, so only four indivudual cables run strictly from those pc's to the financial hub and server. (i know there were easier ways to do this, but I had no choice in the matter). Four computers use the financial Lan. 15 use the regular office lan (different jack, different hub, different server). I want to allow the four finiancial lan users access to the regular LAN. Unfortunately, both servers have totally different IP addresses, and the workstations are configured accordingly. Would two NIC's in one PC be the answer? Or can I configure the existing NIC to see two seperate servers? Please help! - Cristin

The Answer

If you require 2 physically separate LANs, you can install a second network card in machines that need to get to both LANs.  Each card will get a separate IP address and the machine will be able to access resources on each LAN.  It is possible to run 2 separate LANs on the same media and hubs.  You would just assign the two networks different IP addresses and sub net masks.  Then you would assign the IP addresses to the 1 card on the client.  This is done differently depending on you operating system.  You may want to pickup a book on 'subnetting'.  You can search for one on our home page with the Best Price Finder.  If you need more help give us some more specifics on what servers you run and client operating systems and we can discuss this more in-depth.


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