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category: Other
RAM: 32
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 133
Operating System: Windows 95
Date:  24 Oct 1999
Time: 23:34:56


My pc is unable to boot up! It just freezes after memory test! But when i reboot..its fine!

I tried to change the memory card, still to no avail!

The Answer

You should verify that all your expansion cards and connections are firmly seated inside the PC.  Over the many times the PC is booted and turned off, the temperature inside the PC cycles from cold to hot and back again.  These temperature changes causes the metal on the chips, boards and plugs to slightly expand and contract.  This causes them to slowly move out of where they are seated, which is called Chip Creep.  

Many times when the system battery goes bad it can cause similar symptoms.  It is the small watch battery on the mother board.  If you haven't replaced it already, it should be replaced. 


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