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category: Software
RAM: 32
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 166
Operating System: Windows NT
Date: 27 Oct 1999
Time: 11:19:16


I am doing research on computer security I wanted to know if You guys could help me figure out a target market and supply chain management for a anti hacking software.

The Answer

We can answer specific questions you have on topics.  We do not perform research for broad topics like you are requesting.   Although, we do our best in pointing you in the right direction for what you are looking for. 


Problem Status: Fixed
Date: 10/31/99
Time: 12:09 PM


I need to find out the demand trends for security software that are installed in computers.


Internet Security Systems, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ.  They are a provider of network security monitoring, detection and response software that protects the security and integrity of enterprise information systems.  They are required to file a registration statement with the SEC which contains details about their business and  their market.  Go to FreeEDGAR and search for them under their symbol ISSX.  This should provide you with much useful information.


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