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Category: Software
RAM: 64
Processor: 486
MHz: ????
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 27 Sep 1999



thanks for this great service!

a couple of friends of mine got a computer from someone else and are finding things that the other person did and they can't figure out.

i tried to do a virus check for the winCIH type virus and a message told me that it couldn't check because of some kind of "sharing" problem.

i noticed that in windows explorer the computer has basically 2 windows folders with duplicates of some, if not all, of the sub-folders....the other one is called "winold". does this mean the computer was setup as a shared system? how can we change that...would just deleting the "winold" folder do it?

thanks in advance for your help!


The Answer

The "winold" folder is most likely a backup of the previous version of Windows (Windows 3.x).  Because this PC is an old PC, an upgrade installation of Windows 95 was probably used.  You could delete the winold folder if you are confident that you wont need to restore the previous version of Windows (which I cant imagine why you would need to).  The sharing problem could come from one of two things.  You could have a shared folder on your PC or Windows could be referring to a shared file that programs use.  If it is a shared folder: go to control panel -> networking and remove all components.  If it is a file that is shared between programs there is little you can do.

Make sure that you are using a current version of your antiviral software.  If it is more that 3 months old you need to acquire a current version.  It may be that the antiviral software is out of date and cant handle shared files between programs.

Problem Status: Fixed


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