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category: Hardware
RAM: 256
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 450
Operating System: Windows NT
Date: 06 Aug 1999


Have an IBM Netfinity 3000
There is one SCSI adapter that controls two 9.1GB HDD and the third device is a DAT tape drive.
The SCSI utility loads all three SCSI devices but the third device, the tape drive has a message as follows:
"Start Unit Request Failed."
The SCSI BIOS continues to load but the device is not available.
Is this a hardware fault or could it be something else, such as SCSI read rates 20.0 or 40.0 etc?

Appreciate any advice.

The Answer

This problem can depend on a number of issues.  First check to see what version of SCSI standard the DAT drive was build to and if it is compatible with the SCSI host.  Check the SCSI BIOS manufacturer's web site to see if there is a updated version of the SCSI BIOS out.  Their web site will probably give you answers for specific errors you are encountering.  Get into the SCSI BIOS and verify everything is set up properly and the DAT is on the ID number that it is configured for.


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