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category: Software
RAM: 64
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 400
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 12 Aug 1999


Windows NT Workstation.

I have installed a HP printer, which is working on a Windows NT workstation.  I want to share this printer with other NT workstation and I have installed drivers on these machines.  However, I right click on the printer icon on the print server (i.e. the wkstn with the printer attached) and select sharing.  I follow the prompts and provide share names etc. When I click okay to continue I am greeted with:  "Printer settings could not be saved."  I am logged on as administrator and do not understand what could be causing this error.

Any help is appreciated.

The Answer

That error can be caused by more than 256 characters in the printer comment field.  To allow the system to properly share a logical printer, make sure that the printer Comment field does not have more than 256 characters total.

If that doesn't help, delete the printer off the NT Workstation.  Reinstall the last service pack that is installed on your NT Workstation (It displays the service pack on boot up).  The latest Service Pack available for NT 4 is Service Pack 5.  You may want to acquire it.  Make sure you have the Server Service installed under the Network properties.  Reinstall the printer and share it out.  If it is still giving you the error, try removing the Server Service and then adding it back in. 


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