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category: Hardware
RAM: 98
Processor: Other
MHz: 300
Operating System: Windows 98
Date: 08 Aug 1999


I'm trying to install a CD-R writer [Mitsumi 4802TE]on the IDE/EIDE secondary master cable but am having problems.  The drive is accessible at boot up, the bios showing it as CD-ROM Mode 3,and I can read from it, that is until I install the CD writing software{WinOCD.6 and Packet CD 3.0]and driver.  I've consulted the Q&A on the Mitsumi site and upgraded the ASPI to 4.57[1008] as recommended and also downloaded the latest driver I could find but to no avail.  The system on reboot is OK until trying to access the CD even in a read mode.  I even upgraded the software of the "CeQuadrat" site to check if this was the problem.  My system has a SCSI scanner attached which also runs ASPI Drivers but this is showing no problems.  All Dos CD drivers are REMed in Autoexec.bat the system merely freezes up on access to the CD and Ctrl+Alt+Del shows "explorer not responding".  Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

The Answer

 It sounds like you've done an extensive job of troubleshooting already.  It looks like you have all the updated software and drivers for the CD-R.  My suggestion would be to check with the dip switches on the CD-R and make sure you have them set correctly for the position on the cable.  Try different settings with the CD-R (Master, Slave, or Cable Select).  If it is the only device on the secondary master cable try both Master and Cable select.  If you don't have any success, move it to the primary master cable (if you have room)  and try both the Slave and Cable select setting.  If you have a CD-ROM also set up on your machine, remove it until you get the CD-R working then reinstall it.  This will make troubleshooting easier on yourself if you have less hardware to work around.


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