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category: Hardware
RAM: 128
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 333
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 07 Aug 1999


I have a 4.2Gb hard disk about 3/4 full. Recently Win95 explorer has started giving problems when deleting files/programs etc. The files disappear from explorer but don't appear in the Recycle bin, also the space is not released, so now explorer reports that I only have about 95Mb hard disk space left. I've tried reinstalling the registry from a backup, using scandisk, defragging but without making any difference. As an experiment I copied a 100Mb file to a temp directory and then deleted it. It disappeared completely but I was 100Mb down on disk space.

Any ideas ???

Thanks John

The Answer

There are registry modifications that one can make so when a file is deleted, it will be permanently deleted.  So files will never show up in the Recycling Bin, because they are automatically permanently deleted.  Although, this will not produce the symptoms you are describing where drive space is being taken up by these deleted files.  It appears that the Recycling Bin is corrupt and unable to report tagged files for deletion.  First, you should get a up to date antiviral program and scan your drive for viruses.  It is very probably that a virus could be causing this problem.  Next you can try a program like Norton Disk Doctor.  It will be able to clean up your hard drive and remove the deleted files that the Recycling bin is losing.  Unfortunately, we a have never seen a problem quite like the one you are having, so we do not have a quick fix for you.    If you have your data backed up, you could also reload Windows 95 and that would solve your problem, but it's always a hassle.  It's most definitely a major major problem with Windows 95 and would highly recommend backing up all data ASAP.


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