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category: Other
RAM: 32
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 200
Operating System: Windows 95
Date: 07 Aug 1999
Time: 14:18:03


On startup, the Dos text and the Windows screen are displaced about one inch to the left. My desktop and Window programs are centered. I have some control of the screen position through the monitor controls.  I have lived with this condition for over a year but when I occasionally have to use Dos, some of the text is unobservable. I keep thinking there might be a Dos command which provides a screen adjustment to the right. Do you have any answers? Thank you.

The Answer

We've come across a problems like this with older 15 inch monitors.  I'm guessing your resolution settings in Windows 95 is at least 800x600.  If you set your resolution back to 640x480 it should fix your problem when getting in and out of DOS.  If you need a resolution greater that 640x480 you can run your DOS based programs "Windowed" instead of "Full Screen".  This will also solve the problem.

The way you run your DOS based program Windowed is to first create a shortcut to the executable file.  So if you want the shortcut on your desk top, right click on a blank part of your desk top and select New->Shortcut.  It will ask you where the executable is and what you want to name your shortcut.  Now right click on the new shortcut and select Properties. Click the Screen tab and you can select the Windowed option here.  You can also adjust the initial size to your preference.

You should also check that you have the correct monitor and driver for your video card set up in Windows 95.  You can check this if you go to the Control Panel and select the Display icon.  Under the Settings tab you can verify your monitor and video card settings.


Problem Status: Fixed
Date: 08 Aug 1999

The problem is fixed but I wanted the opportunity to thank you and fill you in on what I have done.  This may help someone else in the future. You were right-on about so many of your answers.  My resolution was set at 800 x 600, but when I changed to 640 x 480 the screen was very small and I never could fill the monitor face. So I went back to my original settings.  Someone else mentioned having the correct monitor and when I checked from Display Properties/Settings/Advanced Properties/Monitor Tab  The message said my monitor (15 inch NEC Multisync 3V) is Energy Star Compliant.  (Whatever the heck that is) On that same screen I next clicked on Change and the message said my monitor is compatible with the hardware. No where did I see anything about a video card. Going back to the desktop and right clicking to Properties/Settings/Advanced Properties, at the Adapter tab I changed the setting from Optimal to Adapter default.  Apparently that did the trick, everything is now where it is supposed to be (including the complete DOS text).

Again thank you for putting me on the right track and I must tell you how impressed I am with your thoroughness and promptness.


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