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category: Article
RAM: 366
Processor: Other
MHz: 24X
Operating System: Windows 98
Date: 06 Jul 1999
Time: 07:43:20


I'm having a problem with my external mail setup or more commonly known as separating different e-mails in my internet websites. How can I do this? Note: The administrator said to change the "from" and "to" area's.

The Answer

I may need a little more information from you because I'm a little unclear what you are wanting to do from the description.  I'm guessing you have multiple email accounts with different domains (like and and you want to have your email program sort them out to different folders according to the email account.

This is all possible, but it depends on the email program you are using.  One email client that supports these features is Outlook Express (Free with Internet Explorer).  You will have to identify each email account and make rules for all incoming messages.  So when a message comes in for it gets sorted to the 'abc' folder and when a message comes in for it will get placed in the 'xyz' folder.  Also, if you respond any of these messages,  they will be 'from' the correct email address that it came to.


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