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category: Software
RAM: 256
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 550
Operating System: Windows NT
Date: 27 Jul 1999
Time: 12:48:47


How do you unprotect Macromedia Flash movies?  I presume you use a hex editor, but what values are to be changed?  #0006-0004 works on v.3 but not on the new version 4!  I tried changing the movie, it opened and suddenly closed again.  Oh yes I also changed the 00 06 to 0004. Is that the problem & shall I change 00 06 to 00 04?


The Answer

It is our sites policy that we do not participate or provide any information regarding the infringement of the integrity of software.  Therefore, in this case we are unable to provide you with the solution you desire.  Sorry that we could not help you.



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