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category: Hardware
RAM: 64
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 233
Operating System: Windows 98
Date: 31 Jul 1999
Time: 07:52:24


Three days ago I bought a Maxi Gamer Phoenix 2 2D/3D graphics card. When I first installed it, Windows 98 crashed out with a GPF, causing me to reinstall the OS. Now, I cannot get the new card to work in more than 640x480x16 mode, and Windows continually informs me that the card is "incorrectly installed, not present, or there is a problem with the drivers". If I attempt to reinstall drivers, it constantly tells me that the current set is a "new" set, and advises installing them. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the card with no luck. I've also downloaded the latest drivers from the official website, again no luck. Do you have any ideas why this problem may be occurring, and solutions?

Further card details: Maxi Gamer Phoenix 2 featuring Riva TNT Vanta.
Motherboard: Intel babyboard.


The Answer

We've seen issues like this with new AGP video card installs.  Although, we usually see the problems coming from Windows 95 users.

Here are some items to make sure are current first.  

  1. Make sure you have the latest Windows 98 patches installed.

  2. Get the latest BIOS update from your motherboard manufacturer.

  3. Get the latest drivers from Guillemot for you video card.  Sounds like you have this done already.  If not they are here.  Click to download

Windows is not recognizing your new drivers yet and probably has the video card as an unknown device or listed under the Other Devices in the Device manager.

[Right Click] on My Computer and select Properties. Then select the Device Manager tab.  Next, [Double Click] on Other Devices, highlight the PCI VGA-Compatible Display Adapter and select Properties.  [Click] the Driver tab and [Click] the Change Driver... button.  Scroll through the Hardware Type list until you find Display Adapters. Highlight this selection and [Click] OK.  Highlight (Standard display types) and select OK to accept the Standard Display Adapter (VGA) option.  [Click] OK once again to install the Standard Display Adapter (VGA) driver.  When Windows 98 prompts you to restart the computer, [Click] Yes.  Windows 98 will reboot using the Standard Display Adapter (VGA) driver. At this point, you can begin the process of either installing or reloading the Windows 98 driver for your AGP video card.  So follow the instruction that were supplied with your card and install the software and drivers.  

Also if your system becomes unbootable again, here are some instructions from Guillemot for recovery.  

When the computer finished rebooting after having installed the drivers, I get an "...EXPLORER.EXE caused a fault..." error, I canít boot my system anymore!

Download this file*. You must then copy it, using DOS, into your Windows System directory. i.e.: C:\Windows\System. Detailed Instructions:

- Press the F8 key before you see "Starting Windows 95/98"
- Choose "Safe Mode Command Prompt Only"
- Type "cd\windows\system"
- Type "copy {location of COMCTL32.DLL ie: a:\} .", exclude {} when typing command
- Reply "Y" to the overwrite question
- Reboot system


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