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category: Software
RAM: 128
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 400
Operating System: Windows 98
Date: 20 Jul 1999
Time: 14:30:35


I can not get in my computer, it wont go into safe mode, and i am not familiar on how the start up disk works.
Any instructions.
I get an error on line 1 of my config.sys file.
I am not computer literate and need help just to get win 98 started

The Answer

I would be happy to assist you with your problem(s) but I will need a little more information about what is happening with your computer and what you are trying to accomplish.

From your description you have a relatively new computer.  I also assume it came preloaded with Windows 98.  What caused your computer to start failing to load Windows 98?  Was it new hardware or software?  A better description of your problem would aid us in helping you.

The startup disk is for booting the computer with minimal dos commands and CD ROM access.  It is good for booting your PC without having it read from the hard drive.

To manually get your PC to start up in Safe Mode.  Power on the PC and  almost immediately (usually after you hear a "beep" from the PC) start rapidity pressing the 'F8' key.  This will bring up a menu where you can select it to start in Safe Mode.

As far as your config.sys file error, I would need to know what Line 1 says.  You can see what it says by typing at the Dos prompt (c:\>) "edit c:\config.sys". This will show you what is in the config.sys file.  Or if you happen to get into Windows go to Start->Programs->Windows Explorer.  Now look for config.sys under the C: and right click on the file, which will give you a menu.  Select Open with... and select Notepad from the program it asks you to use.  Windows 98 doesn't need a config.sys or a autoexec.bat file to run, so you could try to rename files with a .bak extension.  This might eliminate a conflict you are having.  So you would type at the DOS prompt:

c:\>ren config.sys config.bak (and press enter)
c:\>ren autoexec.bat autoexec.bak (and press enter)



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