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category: Other
RAM: 32
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 200
Operating System: Windows 95 
Date: 22 Jul 1999


 i have a Compaq Presario laptop, and when ever i try to start,it go's into safe mode, then from there it trys to boot, it will go almost all the way then it go's to a blue screen and say's Invalid VxD dynamic link call from VPICD(01) + 00000DED to device "VMM ", service 19e. Then it say's your windows configuration is invalid. Run the windows setup program again to correct this problem. Then it tells me to hit any key to continue, after doin so, it freezes and stops. I think it is missin the Himem.sys file, and i don't know how to config it or get to config threw dos mode,..can anybody help

The Answer

I've seen this problem occur before.  I've seen this happen when networking was set up improperly.  Although, from your description, it could be something unrelated.  A description of how this started happening or what you did to make this start happening would be beneficial to help troubleshoot this problem.

Here is a way to stop .vxd file from loading which may be your problem.  Boot up your machine in safe mode.  Go to Start->Find->Files or Folders.  Search for the "system.ini" file and double click on it to open it up for editing.  Look through the file for a line which has a file that has a .vxd extension on it.  If it says the name of the file in the error message you are getting, look for that file.  If you find such a line place a semicolon in the very front of the whole line.  This will comment it out and make Windows skip it.  Save the file and reboot the machine without safe mode and see if it works.  If not, go back into Safe Mode, remove the semicolon you placed in the system.ini file before and look for another like with .vxd in it and do the same process.

One of these calls to a .vxd file may be causing this problem.  When you comment it out it will allow window to keep loading.  Let me warn you though, the system.ini file is essential for Windows to load so be careful what changes you make.

If you are not comfortable with this, you should get or make a boot disk for your computer that will load the drivers so you can access your CD-ROM.  Put in the windows 95 CD and run setup again to reinstall the Windows 95 files and overwrite any corrupt files.



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