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Footslog Support - Ticket ID 12171 Completed

Date submitted: Sat, November 6 at 14:52:56
Category: Software
RAM: 128
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 400
Operating System: Windows 98
The problem:

All of my files that I have scanned are in the Windows/Temp folder and they have the file extension of .tif I then tried to open these files in Microsoft Word 2000. When I opened the .tif files in Word, all I got was a jumbling of characters and no text or pictures came from the document I scanned. How do I go about taking a .tif file in Windows/Temp so I can use it in Microsoft Word so I can see the text and pictures of the document I scanned? I am a novice in knowing how to get scanned files into applications such as Word. Thank you very much for helping me with this!!!! Jim

Instead of opening the .tif files directly into Word, you need to insert the graphic into your document. So you would start a new Word document and click the 'Insert' menu item, click 'Picture', click 'From file'. Now under the 'Look in:' box change it to the location where you have your .tif files saved. Now select a .tif file to insert and click Insert. This will insert your file into the Word document.


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