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Footslog Support - Ticket ID 12162 Completed

Date submitted: Thu, November 4 at 17:23:06
Category: Hardware
RAM: 64
Processor: AMD
MHz: 400
Operating System: Windows 98
The problem:

I was playing a cd-rom game, when, everything stopped. My computer then proceeded to restart, and my computer's cd-rom drive can no longer read any cd-roms. it acts as if a cd is not present. It keeps telling me to insert the cd, but it's already in. This happen with all cd-roms I put in.

Your CD-ROM may have failed, but there are a few things to check just incase it is a software issue. Edit your c:\autoexec.bat and look to see if there are any lines executing CD-ROM drivers. If there are, place 'REM' plus a Space in front of each line. This will cause DOS to skip the line, which may be interfering with the Windows drivers. If that doesn't work or there are none present, you can delete the CD-ROM out of Windows and reboot so it will redetect it. This is done by going to the control panel, click System, click the Device Manager tab, expand the CD-ROM menu and select your CD-ROM, click remove, and reboot. Windows will redetect it on the reboot. If none of this works your CD_ROM may be physically broken.


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