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Footslog Support - Ticket ID 12157 Completed

Date submitted: Thu, November 4 at 04:48:13
Category: Software
RAM: 128
Processor: Pentium
MHz: 333
Operating System: Windows NT 4.0
The problem:

I am a adminstrator of a large NT network . Around 300 workstations and 85 clints of win95 attached with a server. For this large network we have not enough printers. Arround 7 line printers( which all are print servers) , 14 laser jets printers are performing their jobs. I need a software for maintaing all these printers print jobs, and Accounting to write log performance. I clearly discribe you in this sentence that a user named "ABC" going to print a job on "PRINT_SRV1" this job is containing data arround 50 pages. The Printer Console Manager maintain these records that this user "ABC" prints 479 pages on 14-12-1999 including this job. Like that Printer Console Manager are maintain log all other users and print servers. This practice is for costing and maintaing stationary expences and restrict the users for unusefull prints. For that reason we need a software which maintain or record log for each and every printer and users printing jobs. If you have any kind of information about that kind of software or solution about my problum pl help me out. I will very thankfull for that act. Anwer Atlas Group Of Industries

There are a number of software packages available on the market to perform functions as you are describing. Here is a good list of software that will get you started at You may need to restructure your printers so they are shared out from one central location so they can be better managed.


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